About Jamun

Jamun is an important summer fruit, associated with many health and medicinal benefits. Jamun is known to relieve stomach pain, carminative, anti-scorbutic and diuretic. Jamum’s polyphenolic compounds are effective against cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, asthma. Various digestive disorders i.e. flatulence, bowel spasm, stomach disorders, dysentery are cured by jamun. Jamun is known by different names such as jambul, jambas, jamun, jambolan, rajaman, kala jamun, neredu, naval, nerale, jamali, java plum, black plum and blackberry. Thought the benefits are unlimited, but a lot of those haven't been documented properly and Ayurveda shows some respect for this fruit.

Our passion for serving World’s most nutritious wines continues for the 7th year and we will come up with better and better wine year on year to make our wine a rejuvenator for Human Body.


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