Plantation of Jamun Seeds

Jamun seeds are the most expensive fruit seeds in India due to its huge in Diabetes and Cancer treatment. Besides its medicinal properties, these Seeds are also the most potent Seeds with more than 90% germination rate. We have planted more than 2 Million Seeds in last couple of years and we found that most of the Saplings have survived for their 2nd Monsoon. All the fruits we source come from the Jungles of Konkan and Mababaleshwar region. Each and every fruit remains untouched right from the cutting of the bunch from the Tree to the washing at Winery and balloon press process.

We planted these seeds of the Wild Jamun Fruits in the land provided to us by the Forest department and also circulated the seeds to more than 1000 people across India. We are proud to say that we have found a new way to make India Green once again, as the plantation of this seed is the easiest thing to do and once planted, one doesn’t need to care for it at all. This seed takes all the pain and heat for Winter and Summer and survives till the Monsoon on its own.

Conserve your heritage with Jamun Plantation

Jamun Wine processing documentary by MP Govt. and MOFPI

We've planted Jamun seeds in 5 Areas from Maharashtra, India

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