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Quality Fruit

The journey of a wine starts from the fruit and the better the quality of Jamun, the better is the quality of the wine. The Resvera team leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that the fruit harvested is just the very best. The variety of Jamun with its deep red flesh was selected for wine-making after many rigorous trials. All such Jamun sourced is ripe and extremely flavourful and from the wild forests near Satara, thus making them organic. This excellent quality fruit is one of the most important to making this high-quality wine. The red-fleshed Jamun is meticulously harvested in the cool morning hours and processed immediately to ensure that the resultant wine is of an excellent quality. Utmost care is taken while handling the fruit and the pulp is chilled to retain all the freshness, aromas and flavours of the Jamun.

State of the art Machinery

Resvera has gone to great lengths to make sure that Jamun is processed to bring out all the best flavours and aromas without losing any of the nutritious and healthy antioxidants of the fruit. The winery has invested in state of the art stainless steel tanks and chilling infrastructure to ensure that the fermentations take place at controlled temperatures. The machinery selected do not wring out the harsh components of the fruit but allow the aromas and flavours of the fruit to shine through. The pulp of the fruit is extracted gently, transferred using imported transfer pumps smoothly into tanks and then fermented slowly at cool temperatures to produce the best quality wine possible.


Minimalistic Wine Making

Resvera believes that the fruit should shine through in the glass and avoids excessive long drawn steps or use of additives that is a common practice in large scale wine making companies. The team focuses on simple and minimal steps to bring out the best results. The wine is handled only a few times so that it does not pick up oxygen or lose its freshness. This preserves the natural aromas and flavours that has come from the fruit along with the many rich antioxidants and vitamins inherent to the fruit. Loss of the latter will alter the health components and the team avoids any steps which will result in losses of these crucial ingredients of this naturally healthy product.

Attention to Detail

Making a good wine is just the first step, preserving it until it is packaged is the most difficult step. The Resvera winemaking team monitors all the steps of harvesting, chilling, fermentation and storage checking parameters on the wine continuously. This ensures that the wine stays the best until it moves into the bottle. The sugar levels, the acid levels and the overall balance are key to creating an excellent wine. These parameters and alcohol is monitored at each step so that the final wine is harmonious and nothing is found wanting. The staff is trained to check all details and proactively monitor these key parameters.


Perfect Packaging

Resvera has invested in a state of the art imported bottling line and the best of packaging material to see that the wine is presented to the consumers in its best form. Classic imported Burgundy shaped bottles with a BVS finish have been selected to match the wine profile. The screw caps are designed with proper cushioning pads that can fit snugly on the bottles without any oxygen pick up. Thus, the wines can retain the freshness, the aromas and the flavours of the Original Jamun. The production is monitored carefully and the bottling is done with extremely stringent quality checks.

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